Kailashdham Scheme

  • Urban Development and Urban Housing Department has implemented this scheme vide resolution No. VSBH/112006/4058/r, dt.5/01/2007 to provide grant-in-aid for construction of more and more crematorium in Municipalities area to minimize the consumption of wood and to save the environment damage by smoke.
  • Under this scheme 50 % amount of the total expenditure will be born by State Government and 50 % amount born by municipality. But, if the municipality has already constructed the crematorium and desire to take benefit of the scheme will get grant of amount of 30 % of the expenditure incurred for crematorium one time only.
  • Under this scheme the grant-in-aid was provided for the construction of electricity / Gas based crematorium.
  • In addition to this scheme, Urban Development and Urban Housing Department has resolved vide their resolution dt.21/12/2011 and dt.30/01/2013 to provide grant to A-Class municipality Rs. 25 lakh, B-Class municipality Rs.20 lakh and Rs.15 lakh to C-Class and D-Class municipality for 22 list of works for modernization of crematorium.
  • To avail this grant the municipality should prepare the proposal with maps, technical sanction of the works to be undertaken and get the opinion of Collector for the proposal and send it to Gujarat Municipal Finance Board.
  • Till date total 51 municipalities were disbursed the grant of the amount Rs.8.99 crore under this scheme.