Nirmal Gujarat Sauchalay Yojana

  •  The individual toilet scheme launched in the year 2002 to eradicate manual scavenging and open defecation.
  •  Under the scheme, toilet facilities to all the families (BPL/APL) are being provided who do not have this facility in urban areas with unit cost of Rs. 6000/- in the beginning.
  •  Vide Government G.R. dated 24-04-2013 the assistance of Individual Toilet is increased to Rs. 8000/-
  •  Urban Local Body is competent to sanction the toilet unit to eligible families.
  •  According to the report of Census 2011 the Toilets less Families  is 563449.  So these all families will be provided with Individual Toilet Facilities, Up to 2014-15
  •  For the year 2013-14, the target of Individual Toilets  allocated was 1,50,000 Individual Toilets And For the year 2014-15, the target of Individual Toilets  allocated is 2,32,203 Individual Toilets  to the Municipal Corporations and Municipalities in the Gujarat State.
  •  Financial assistance of  Rs. 146.82 Crore for  1,83,524 Individual Toilets has been sanctioned As on Dt.22-07-2014 
  •  Against Which 61010 Individual Toilets are completed & 22664 toilets are under progress.